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Making Someone Fall in Love with You Over the Phone

11 February 2007 | 17:27 | Attraction, Conversation Skills, Interpersonal Relationships | 25 Comments
Make Someone Fall in Love with You over the Phone

You have just meant a new girlfriend, boyfriend, client, or made a friend and you really want to build a relationship with them. If the person is a potential partner you will want him or her to fall in love with you. In addition, you may even just want to know some effective phone skills to build any relationship.

Like any communication skill, there are tips you can follow over the phone to speed up the relationship building process. The telephone is a different medium to traditional face-to-face communication. What does this mean to you? Rules change and tips can be adapted to help you build your relationship. What does not change is the fundamental human psychology of the two people at both ends of the phone line. Attraction works on human psychological wants and needs instead of deception and manipulation. Because of this, you will see how these phone skills I am about to share with you can be adapted to your everyday conversations.

The human psyche has its turn ons and turn offs. A hot turn on button is the ability to effectively communicate. Your communication essentially sends out signals to people “here I am and this is what I’m like. Love me or hate me.” Whether you believe you can rapidly dial in on someone’s emotions to fall in love with you or not does not matter. The person will just not fall in love with you because of your ignoring beliefs towards rapid attraction building. You are saying to the world “hate me.” Those who do believe you can make someone fall in love with you are more likely to take advantage of these wondrous skills and subliminally communicate to people, “I’m awesome. You will love me as I can satisfy your needs and wants.”

Learning how to make someone fall in love with you…is a matter of you fulfilling the person’s needs and wants through communication.

Human psychology is about fulfilling needs and wants. You go to the grocery store to buy food to fulfil your need to eat. You buy an expensive shirt because you want to look good. You communicate with others to fulfil your social and identity needs. You interact with the opposite sex because of some emotional fulfilment. Learning how to make someone fall in love with you is therefore neither manipulative nor deceptive as it is a matter of you fulfilling the person’s needs and wants through communication.

Using these tips I am about to give you for making someone fall in love with you over the phone and applying ways to build attraction in women and men, you can make others want you. If you want others to literally fall in love with you and not just love you, than you must apply attraction skills. These tips are about getting the most out of a different type of communication medium – the phone – and does not substitute other attraction skills. Only when these phone skills are applied with attraction skills are you able to make someone fall in love with you.

Learning these phone skills is a sure fire way to build a strong relationship fast and have your new client wanting a business relationship, a friend staying connected with you, or a new acquaintance loving you. Just don’t begin avoiding people face-to-face once you realise the power of these phone skills!

They Need to Be Receptive

The absolute first rule you must obey is ensuring the person you are talking to over the phone is receptive to what you are saying. No matter what you say or how you say it will matter if the person is not receptive. If the person had his or her family taken away by little green Martians or a young child is howling louder than a wolf, the person will not be receptive to what you say. Your messages will go no further than out the other end of the phone and not reach the person’s mind.

It is a good habit to always ask upfront if the person has time to talk. After the greetings, simply say, “Do you have time to talk?” Saying this makes you courteous and unobtrusive on the person’s space. When we do not have the time to talk, the only thoughts we have in our mind are wondering “How long will it be until this damn person shuts up because I’ve got things to do!” When someone is rushing there is no room for them to love you.

The first rule ensured the person is receptive at the start of the call and the second rule will make sure the person is receptive during the conversation. While talking on the phone, interruptions arise. Some can be undetectable to the other person yet others can be heard over the phone. When you hear a baby howling, a door bell ring, or a loud bang for example, don’t ignore it! Say what sound you heard and ask if the person needs to attend it. The empathy you communicate through acknowledging potential interruptions will make the person see you in a more favourable light and ensure the person is tuned in to what you say.

It’s You!

You are going through your normal day walking down the street with nothing much happening. The world is boring, people are getting through their day, and everything appears it would be the same without you present. What happens though if at the other end of the street you see a best friend you had not met for five years?

You go up to the person and your energy amplifies a gazillion times. Your mind is rushing with “It’s you! I can’t believe it.” All these memories, experiences, and feelings comes gushing back to you and the other person in an intense emotional rush.

I call this the “it’s you!” technique. When you ring the person or the person rings you, say your normal greeting in an average mood. Once the person greets you back, you act surprise or rather energised you are talking with the person. After the person introduces himself or herself, amp up your energy as if you were talking to that old friend you saw on the street. Amplifying your energy shows you are excited to talk to the person who will be pleasantly thrilled to talk to you. It is a great technique in making someone fall in love with you over the phone.

In an article on how to be interesting without saying a word, I applied this escalating technique on smiling by gradually increasing your smile when you meet someone instead of walking around smiling or instantly giving off a big smile. The escalating techniques bring sincerity and warmth to your personality.

Repeating Their Name

The fourth tip I recommend you whack into your new phone skills bag of tricks is mentioning their name more often. Our names are a sweet tune of music to our ears. It is a fast way to build a relationship. In everyday conversations if you mention someone’s name too often you come off as a try hard, needy, and desperate person – much like a poor-old salesman.

You can get away with mentioning their name more to build the relationship because the phone is a different medium. The person will subliminally fall in love with you. If the person begins drifting off from you then hearing their name will bring back their interest. We just love hearing our name and over the phone you can get away with repeating it more than in a face-to-face conversation.

Making Up for No Body Language

Another difference you can take advantage of over the phone to enhance your relationships and make the person fall in love with you is countering for the inability to communicate body language. Our non-verbal communication is a strong broadcast tower we send signals from. A simple message like “you’re funny” can be strengthened many times through body language. Some attraction experts claim body language has been enough to make someone fall in love with you.

Your non-verbal communication helps others understand you. Without the visual option to see one another over the phone, yours and their inability to read body language when the other person is talking over the phone can hurt understanding, connection, and attraction. You can improve your phone skills despite lacking the connection built through body language by communicating extra energy.

I estimate varying your voice expressions an extra 30%. If you are happy the person did something well, put an extra 30% of energy in your voice when saying “That is awesome. Congratulations.” or with “I’m happy you succeeded.” If you are sad, then lose 30% of energy in your voice. The change of energy communicated through your vocalics will build a connection with your partner, improve understanding, and the person will have a feeling of being next to you which all enhances your relationship fast.

Building Rapport

The art of building rapport is the hidden key in making people feeling ‘connected’ to you. Building rapport works nicely with mentioning the person’s name more and compensating for lack of body language as it builds connection. Learning to build rapport over the phone with the person whom you want to fall in love with you is an absolute must. How to build rapport is far too complex to discuss in this article yet the basic premise of it involves being like the person in as many ways possible.

The art of building rapport is the hidden key in making people feeling ‘connected’ to you.

One particular characteristic of the person I highly advise you to match is their mood. Mood-matching rapidly builds a strong relationship enabling you to make someone fall in love with you. To understand mood-matching, think back to a time when you were feeling unhappy and someone who was bounding with joy tried to cheer you up with their happiness. How did you feel afterwards?

Most likely more annoyed! Their happiness does not relate to you because of your depressed state. They will be far better in relating to you and building this ‘connection’ I’ve been talking about when the mood they communicate is less joyful. It works because like attracts like. There is no doubt about. It is a branch of the law of attraction where us humans attract and are attracted to what is similar to us. Mood is one of many communication factors of the other person you can match when talking to someone over the phone.

Rapport is slightly more difficult to create over the phone than in person because body language cannot be read. However, you are trying to be compentsating for this with your 30% variance of energy.

When all these tips on building a strong relationship over the phone are combined with ways to build attraction, you have the phone skills to make someone fall in love with you! You can apply these skills to a newly met boyfriend, girlfriend, clients, and even on your long term relationships to continue building them and improving your life. By no means are these tips limited to building love. They are great tips to enhance any relationship over the phone like clients, customers, and general phone calls. You can also see how these tips can be applied to everyday conversations. The telephone can lack intimacy, but when you apply the phone skills in this article you can have your relationship roaring with a fast and strong fire of intimate connection.

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25 Responses to “Making Someone Fall in Love with You Over the Phone”

12 Feb 2007, 12:46 pm

thanks for ur mail.
i really loved it
by the way keep in touch
i would like to be a part of your group
take care

12 Feb 2007, 1:34 pm

Great message. I agree with most of the tips and i believe they will help me handle my long distance relationships better. Thank you

12 Feb 2007, 9:54 pm

hi,thanks for the good information u given us. i really enjoyed it and i’m pleased because of u people.
God bless u. :lol:

13 Feb 2007, 12:38 am

Hi. I’m grateful for the useful and beautiful script.
I liked it and will try to use it. :razz:

13 Feb 2007, 4:06 pm

hi there..
nice tips huh..i know i can use it in my up coming interview..
thanks..keep it up..

Viola Clarke
13 Feb 2007, 11:18 pm

Thanks you for such powerfull tips, I will surely used them as of today :smile:

13 Feb 2007, 11:20 pm

hello!!! thanks for that article its interesting!!!!!!!!! it help me a lot!!!!

:lol: i must to thank you for the information you send us all time its very useful ! :razz:

14 Feb 2007, 2:37 am

Hello :eek: :razz: .Thnx 4 ur message, it has really awakened and empowered me. I WILL GO TRY THEM 2 NIGHT. catch u tomorrow.

15 Feb 2007, 7:33 pm

:smile: It’s nice and keep sending more and more messages :smile: Thank you for sending messages

15 Feb 2007, 7:56 pm

Hi,thanks for ur words of encouragement,continue to deliver ur good messages to us.God bless!

15 Feb 2007, 10:26 pm

thanks for the text. i like it very much.
Please continue sending me these great articles

17 Feb 2007, 1:16 pm

hey, this was a nice stuff, keep sending some more, At timer we really dont realise how small words can make difference to our communication. Thanks :smile:

19 Feb 2007, 5:20 pm

This article is really nice and am sure will work if we use the tips as mentioned. Great, lets keep in touch with some new stuffs like this.

21 Feb 2007, 11:36 pm

Hi, You’ve done a great job with ur articles. I do enjoy all of them. Thanks

23 Feb 2007, 8:38 pm

Hi joshua,many thanks for your valuable tips they are really helpful :smile:

02 Mar 2007, 8:56 am

:razz: Hi!!
Fantastic stuff as always good friend….. a bit of color and smile(s) in our verbal ways is always like soulful music soothing away.

Thanks for the music Joshua. I feel soul-full now. :smile:


02 May 2007, 6:39 am

:wink: these tips are really awesome.and i think if anyone try these they would surely fall in love n give us more fantastic tips for making a better relationship 4 long term.

14 Jun 2007, 12:46 am

You are my hero your strategies do really work

09 Jul 2007, 4:55 am

:lol: Hi!!
The message that is posted helped me know how to deal on phone with diff people…


17 Oct 2007, 6:37 pm

:smile: wow..
that’s great with powerful insipiration
i like it and hope it is usefull for nourishing a relationship.
stay in touch….

06 Nov 2007, 3:40 am

wow ! its a great time for me to meet u. a good positive thinking displyed here..i also want to learn more things from u sir. thank you again…

joseph gulubane
10 Dec 2007, 5:21 pm

wow! you are blessed man these article is a powerful inspiration to improve our relationships and interaction with other people..its a blessing and i look forward to more and more articles on communication. Stay blessed :lol:

24 Dec 2007, 11:41 am

wow thanks… you made me realize that i am doing everything right with this over-the-phone relationship!!!now im really confident!! :grin:

30 Oct 2008, 5:12 am

thanks alot for these advices:)

02 Jan 2009, 7:01 am

wow thanks… you made me realize that i am doing everything right with this over-the-phone relationship!!!now im really confident!!

thank’s pablo

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