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“The well-bred contradict other people. The wise contradict themselves.” - Oscar Wilde


- men faking themselves and failing with women

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In brief:
You are not meant to be cunning, sneaky, devious, or a fake. Don't even bother putting on that Brad Pitt mask or talking in a Barry Jones voice. Don't fake anything you are not because you'll set yourself up for failure with women. All men have the power and potential to attract women despite their money or looks. To find out how to do this read on. You'll be suprised at how simple it is but challenging to change this aspect about yourself. Don't worry, a face reconstruction isn't the answer. You look fine the way you are.

Why men fail with women and attraction

- by Rion Williams

There are many reasons why men are failing with women and dating today but I'd like to look at it from an angle that you may not have thought about before.

When it comes to the game of attraction, many men will start becoming needy, clingy, overwhelmed, etc. this means they're giving up their OWN personal independence (during that time because it all that she sees and knows about him) and showing signs of dependency on a woman.

When your emotions start to take over you have to understand where they are coming from and where they fit into the reality of things. Many men fail because they just can't control their thoughts and physiological response to a beautiful woman.

Just because you're interested in her doesn't mean she's interested in you.

Women are world class body language readers (they were born to know what to look for and how to respond) and can see any sign of nervousness when you are around them.

Any uncontrollable emotional response you have with women upfront (or later on in the relationship when you only see her ‘wonderful’ side and ‘fall for her’) means that you are losing your own power, strength and independence (already confused and muddled because of growing up being hidden from the truth).

Many men fail because they just can't control their thoughts and physiological response to a beautiful woman.

When this happens it means that she CANNOT be attracted to you. So all the nice guys out there that try to put their ‘best’ foot forward (and not really being their true self) are really failing and stepping on their own feet. They're not being honest with themselves and their intentions.

Not to mention that many women today don't want to be courted and feeling like they owe this guy a committed relationship, they want to be free and let things happen more naturally.

Many guys get so nervous and self-conscious around the women they desire that they don't realize there's nothing they could say to salvage it.

She already lost interest the second she saw him yet they'll still try to learn pick-up lines in a desperate attempt to succeed to the point their devotion to it becomes unnatural.

All men were born with the inherent power to please women. And it's all done on a natural level that's really more important to her than money (except gold-diggers). And she has to be able to trust the man to BE a man.

Women are waiting for the ‘real men’ (who respect her and her body without saying a word) because there are so few left anymore.

Just have to get in touch with your natural power as a man to reach the natural part of (all) women.

This power is greater than your own independent ‘personality’ or your social character and it's the power that matters when it comes to succeeding with women and giving women what they want.

Become a man who is ‘comfortable in his own skin’ and maintain that congruency and you'll find that women will treat you differently and actually notice you.

Her interest means everything because she is the one who chooses you or not (as a response to your character or approach) but as a man you will lead the way.

The nice guy will ‘fail’ in attracting women because he's not inspiring an instinctual or natural response in her to him.

Become a man who is comfortable in his own skin...

Is it his fault for growing up in a forced reality which covers up his real power and effectiveness? No.

Does he have to take accountability for his actions and future? Yes. Understanding these things will allow him to move forward into a whole level of success that he has only dreamed of.

I like to see things this way:

You can't go with a fat, ugly chick just as much as she can't go with a man of low character.

Women today love sex just as much as men but they expect a guy they can trust first and if you're showing signs of dependency or that you're too interested in her and would change your ways to be with her, it ain't going to work out.

The good news is that women will KNOW when you are that man they want.

To prevent failure, just become a man of high character across the 3 areas that matter (natural, independent and social) and you will have women wanting to be with you and not giving up the chance to meet you.

The whole game turns around at that point and other guys will continue to fail because they didn't understand the big game of attraction and how to apply it themselves to be more naturally themselves.

Be what women want by truly becoming the man you were supposed to be instead of having to trick them into something and you'll be able to attract women nonverbally.

All men have this power and potential despite their money or looks. It's all about how she feels when she's around you and that ALL comes down to your character and who you are.

So I recommend to prevent failure and have success with women and dating!

Rion Williams is the celebrated author of ‘Mens Guide to Women’ and is the first person to quantify and put in writing ‘what women want’. His free newsletter and downloadable attraction philosophy eBook can be found at

About the Author: Rion Williams is the celebrated author of ‘Mens Guide to Women’ and is the first person to quantify and put in writing ‘what women want’. His free newsletter and downloadable attraction philosophy eBook can be found at

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